Frequently asked questions

Will you tell us how to stand:
I shoot a combination of styled portraiture and journalistic images. Most often I shoot in a setting that is complimentary to capturing good images and grab the more relaxed moments.

What if it rains:
An umbrella will come in handy ") Don't worry, we do carry professional equipment. However, check with your venue that there is a suitable space indoors for a photo-graphical shoot (aside from the reception).
Examples include a nice lobby with some antique chairs. It is also worth considering booking a "day-after"/"trash-the-dress" shoot if it does rain.

When should I plan to have my hair and make-up finished:
Try to have your hair and make-up finished about 1Hr45mins before the ceremony. Usually scheduling two of your bridesmaid's make-up after yours works very well.
This ensures that there is enough time for beautiful bridal portraits as well as a touch up before the ceremony.

How do we ensure you capture all of our "must-have" family photographs:
You are welcome to send me a list of all your must-have combinations and give another copy to your MC.

Can we book extra time on the night:
It is much cheaper to book a 10 or 12 hour package in advance. You are welcome to request extra time on the night but it is subject to Anza being available.

Do you do table shots:
No, I prefer to shoot a random selection of more relaxed images at the reception.

Should we feed you:
Yes please. Please also make allowance for some refreshments as well!

Should we seat you at a table:
Its not really important, I don't mind eating with the DJ as I'm generally about and not at a table.

We are planning a wedding in our garden / Townhouse would you like to be our photographer:
If you are planning your wedding at home please mention this when requesting a quote. I would like to view the location prior to agreeing to cover the wedding.